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Children and adults with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) struggle with challenges that affect their ability to succeed at school, work, and home. They also have a higher risk of problems such as depression and anxiety. At Summit Health and Wellness Center, Keenan Smart, MD, works with children and adults with ADHD from throughout Oklahoma, providing medication management and helping them lead a successful life. To schedule an appointment, call the office in Norman, Oklahoma, or use the online booking feature.


What causes ADHD?

Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a neurological disorder that’s usually diagnosed during childhood, but in some cases, it may go unrecognized until adulthood. 

Additionally, children with ADHD may continue to struggle with the condition throughout adulthood.

The behavioral and emotional challenges associated with ADHD develop due to dysfunction in areas of the brain responsible for self-regulation and executive function. 

While children with ADHD may seem disobedient or oppositional, they’re not purposefully misbehaving. They’re overwhelmed because their brains can’t process the information needed to regulate their behavior and emotions.

What symptoms develop due to ADHD?

There are three categories of ADHD symptoms: inattentive, hyperactive, and impulsive. Some children have problems with attention, but they’re not hyperactive. 

Others have the opposite challenge: hyperactivity with normal attention, while many have symptoms from all the categories.

When children struggle with inattention, they:

  • Fail to pay attention to details
  • Can’t pay attention at school, work, or play
  • Have difficulty organizing tasks
  • Avoid tasks requiring mental effort
  • Lose important items
  • Forget to do homework and chores

When children struggle with hyperactivity and impulsivity, they:

  • Frequently fidget or squirm 
  • Get out of their seat when they shouldn’t
  • Run or climb when it’s inappropriate
  • Can’t stay quiet or talk excessively
  • Interrupt conversations
  • Have difficulty waiting their turn

Children are diagnosed with ADHD when their symptoms are frequent or severe enough to interfere with their ability to succeed at school, build friendships, and socialize with family and friends.

Do adults and children have different ADHD symptoms?

Adults have the same symptoms as children, but studies suggest that adults may struggle more with executive function. 

Children and adults with ADHD often have a poor working memory, which means their brain doesn’t hold important information long enough for them to remember instructions and plan their actions.

How do you treat ADHD?

The team at Summit Health and Wellness takes a comprehensive and holistic approach to treating ADHD, creating treatment plans that focus on all aspects of ADHD, including educational, social, and personal challenges. 

At Summit Health and Wellness Center, new patients with ADHD have a thorough one-hour assessment, then their provider may recommend medication management to improve the patient’s symptoms.

Stimulant medications effectively boost the brain chemicals needed to improve attention and concentration. While non-stimulant medications are an option, they usually take longer to work. 

Summit Health and Wellness Center offers the convenience of telemedicine for ongoing treatment of ADHD.

If you or your child struggle with ADHD, call Summit Health and Wellness Center or schedule an appointment online.